• GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
  • GL CASES:ジーエル  GLM-T
GL CASES:ジーエル 
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Cone, Kyle, and everything in between! Soft case for all models


GL's soft case for tenor saxophone, GLM series.
Weight: 2.6kg
Size: length x width x thickness = 86 x 35 x 20 cm
Built-in backpack strap. New price: 40,150 yen.

Brand new.

The GLM series is a simple, sporty, and compact soft case from GL, an all-in-one case with a large storage capacity. The smooth surface is waterproof, and the cushion is thick enough to provide good protection. The best part is that it is designed to be placed vertically. Soft cases don't have feet, so even if you can place it vertically, it will be unstable, and if you place it directly, it will get dirty. Have you ever felt that way in a train? This product covers the weak point of soft cases. The hard design of the case protects the bell in the event of an accident.
The case is also compatible with the "butterfly type" with the bass key on the opposite side, as well as models with large bells such as the Kyle Belt and Cannonball. It's also very convenient to carry around, so if you have to take your soprano saxophone and costume with you and want to keep your luggage as compact as possible, this may come in handy.

You can check if your instrument can be accommodated.
The instrument in the photo is not included in the product.
Kubo-kan Nakamura's Case Communication

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